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Dracula 2018 – the Sequel, as told by a Romanian Gypsy family as they race across the continent in a removals lorry. If they fail to reach England by nightfall, the customs officer could be in for a nasty surprise. What’s more, they begin to question their role in this Gazo story. Is rebellion on the cards?

The Roma are usually depicted negatively in literature, and their silent collusive presence in Bram Stoker’s Dracula is no exception. But tonight, in Rapscallion’s Transylvanian Blues they have a voice and tell their own story in their own Romany way!


Transylvanian Blues by Carolyn Csonka is a dark, fast-paced comedy performed in Rapscallion’s signature theatrical, energetic and irreverent style. It includes physical theatre, clowning, puppets and masks. Suitable for age 14 onwards.


“ I have a Romany background and as a child I was always disappointed by the negative portrayals of Gypsies in novels and on the cinema. So I thought, why not take one of these scurrilous novels and instead put the Roma centre stage to tell the story from their point of view! I chose Dracula

Carolyn Csonka (Writer)

Reviews for Transylvanian Blues:

“The small cast of three actors perform with flair, energy and great comic timing”

Bath Chronicle

“Great comic elements and some lovely storytelling moments”

Theatre Bath

Audience response:

“Brilliant comic timing throughout and very clever directing produced an interesting, engaging and informative evening”

“Glad I got there, worth going out in the snow for!”

Reviews for other Rapscallion shows:

“A skilled and flexible cast”

Listomania Bath

“A crisply directed and tightly written demonstration of all the theatre skills”

Theatre Bath